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22 Aug 2016 06:51 -
Offering Food

How to Offer Your Food To The Lord

Everything comes from God (Krishna), the air we breath, the water we drink, and the food we eat. But this process of Krishna Consciousness or bhakti-yoga, is the method [ ... ]

Adhyatma
08 Sep 2016 01:58 - Shankaranand Das
Abhijit Muhurta

Abhijit Muhurt – a powerful and auspicious time

Abhijit Muhurt is a powerful election as per Hindu astrology. Exponents of Vedic / Hindu Muhurt (electional) astrology have prescribed Abhijit [ ... ]

Astrology
22 Aug 2016 02:20 -

While selecting a Muhurta – a suitable day and time for any undertaking – the Tithi (Lunar day), Nakshatra (Star constellation in which the moon is placed at that time) and the Yoga, Karana (auspiciousness) [ ... ]

Astrology
20 Aug 2016 17:16 -

Functional malefics / benefics….

In Vedic astrology the results and influences attributed to a planet is an amalgamation of variety of factors such as its natural nature, the houses it owns, the house/ [ ... ]

Astrology
28 Apr 2017 02:18 - Shankaranand Das
Nakṣatra Gandanta

Article by Pandit Sanjay Rath:

Gaṇḍa has been clearly defined by Nārada as the period of a prahara (3 hours) covering the junction of agni and jala rāśi. These junctions are (1) Jyeṣṭha-Mūla [ ... ]

Astrology
10 Sep 2016 20:41 - Shankaranand Das
D-60 Chart

D-60 Chart and Moola Dasha

Moola dasha is the oldest and most accurate tool known to determine the timing of events from shastyamsa chart or D-60 Chart (for all matters).

Before moving ahead, let me [ ... ]

Astrology
20 Aug 2016 17:03 -
Pitra Dosha

This is one of the most important concepts of Indian astrology and it is called Pitra Dosh which is generally defined by many astrologers as the Curse of Ancestors meaning that the forefathers of the person [ ... ]

Astrology
28 Apr 2017 01:55 - Shankaranand Das


To get a good compatibility out of the below 11, it is essential to select the horoscopes of the Boy and Girl properly, with respect [ ... ]

Astrology
13 Sep 2016 02:22 - Shankaranand Das
Planetary Aspect

Planetary aspect in Vedic Astrology

Drishti means “to glance at”. The Greek word aspektos means “to gaze” or “to glance”. As the planets rose upon the horizon and gazed on each other across [ ... ]

Astrology
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